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Cybersecurity for the Quantum Computer Age

A "Key Moment" in Cybersecurity.

Due to the rapidly advancing development of quantum computers, we are facing a tipping point in cybersecurity. For all the benefits that the use of quantum computers will bring - such as expected "quantum leaps" in the development of drugs - the risks must also be analyzed.

The Challenge of the Future.

Today's standard encryption will simply no longer be secure due to the technical design of quantum computers. Private keys can be calculated from public keys within minutes, so asynchronous encryption no longer works. Especially against the background of increasing political espionage and economically motivated cyber attacks, we need adequate new technologies.

Now is the time to act.

Even though current quantum computers currently operate with barely 10% of the qubits required to crack the cryptography used today – it is nevertheless of utmost importance to already take appropriate measures in the field of quantum cyber security. After all, relevant data – following the principle of “harvest now, decrypt later” – can be intercepted now and decrypted later.

In part, legislation – especially in the USA – has already recognized this and regulated quantum safe requirements for public administration and critical infrastructure (Quantum Safe Act).

The quantum leap in cybersecurity.

This is exactly where the Quantum Cybersecurity Group (QCG) comes in. QCG works on the basis of over 25 years of excellent scientific research at one of the world's leading hubs for quantum security, the University of Gdansk. A team of international scientists there uses quantum technology as well as optical methods to develop cybersecurity solutions of the latest generation and at the highest level.


Our System?
Very simple.
Plug & Play.

An integrated solution consisting of software and hardware components - easy to use, flexible to deploy and secure!

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Industries for which our system is particularly interesting.

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Energy sector

In our interconnected world, cybersecurity in the energy sector is critical to the stability and reliability of the energy supply.

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Public administration

Personal data and government systems must be protected from cyberattacks to maintain the integrity of government services.

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To protect national security and military operations from digital threats, quantum cybersecurity is essential.



The topic of quantum computing is more topical than ever. There is also a growing awareness of the importance of future-proof cryptography. Against this background, we have already succeeded in entering into some promising partnerships.

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