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Focus Industries: Critical infrastructures

Quantum computers pose an increased security risk for critical infrastructures. Therefore, this is the focus of QCG - to protect the entire industry in the long term.

That's what makes our focus industries.

The area of critical infrastructure (CRITIS) is particularly affected by the increased security risk posed by quantum computers.

So-called “critical infrastructures” are responsible for providing electricity and water, for example, and they safeguard transportation and medical care. They thus encompass all the essential facilities and systems that a community needs to function properly. If they fail, this can lead to significant acute problems in supplying the population and in the context of ensuring public safety.

Critical infrastructures worldwide are already increasingly threatened by cyber attacks. In 2022 alone, the damage they cause to German companies is estimated at more than 200 billion euros.


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The security of critical infrastructure and military through quantum cybersecurity.

Innovative technical solutions in the field of quantum cybersecurity will create a completely new level of security, initially especially in the area of critical infrastructures and the military, but in the medium term for the entire industry.

QCG’s industry focus is currently on industries that are subject to high security requirements and where significant financial and societal risks are at stake in the context of cyber attacks. Solutions of quantum cybersecurity are currently logically in need of explanation and – despite standardized components – are currently rather implemented as projects. For this reason, QCG is currently focusing on the areas of critical infrastructure, public administration and defense. The first customers include energy companies and public structures.