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Pioneering work in quantum cybersecurity

A secure quantum cybersecurity solution that combines QRNG, QKD, and post-quantum algorithms to enable trusted communications.

Quantum computing threat to cybersecurity: the QCG vision.

Quantum computers will be able to calculate private security keys from public keys due to their high computing power with an incredible number of parallel computing operations. This will destroy the basis for existing cryptography and introduce a completely new system for securing a connection to make trusted communication and collaboration secure – even in the age of quantum computers.

Therefore, QCG’s vision is to develop and provide an innovative, user-friendly and cost-efficient and of course long-term secure solution in the field of quantum cybersecurity.

The future of secure communications.

QCG has developed an integrated solution consisting of software and hardware components, which – quasi “Plug&Play” – is easy to use, flexible to deploy and at the same time secure!

It is clear to us at QCG that a future-proof solution must be device-independent, combining three essential key components – namely QRNG, QKD and post-quantum algorithms – to enable daily use as well as maximum security. With these components, the identification of users, the generation of extremely secure security keys and the innovative transmission of these keys can be mapped in one system.


Quantum Random Number Generators

QRNGs are used to significantly increase the randomness of the generated keys. The entropy inherent in the system prevents any external influence.


Quantum Key Distribution

QKD ensures a maximum level of protection for secure data transmission by using synchronous keys.

Post-Quantum Algorithms

Post-quantum algorithms enable user authentication and do not require changes to the existing communication infrastructure through quantum-safe algorithms.